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I happened to be thinking earlier that this would be a good way to introduce and publicise unsigned bands (with their permission of course). If bands were willing to donate a track a month then WhimsyBomb could host that track as a free download which people could then put on their compilation cds before distributing them. Everyone wins! The bands get free publicity, we get to distribute music without any breach of copyright and the receivers of the cd get to hear some new music.

What say you people? Does anyone know of unsigned bands that would like to get involved with us?

The above is the first letter that I left attached to a CD. It was placed in Brew on Bold Street in Liverpool. I included my Twitter handle so that I could see if anyone picked it up. They did and got in touch.

On Valentines day 2012, David Weaver had the idea to make mix CDs and plant them around the city he lived in, for people to find. With the help of friends, they were placed them in cafes, on buses, next to sinks in public toilets and anywhere else we could think of. We attached notes explaining that he was doing this as he had no-one else to make a mix CD for so he was going to do it for strangers.

Some of the notes had links to a twitter account, some were anonymous. Sometimes we would sit at a table nearby and watch people’s reactions when they found the CD. Reactions ranged from bemusement and confusion, to “Oh wow, who left that there?” – All in all it was a great evening.

We’ve started this website to encourage others to do likewise. Please make a CD or a gift and wrap it with a note attached for a stranger to find and send us a photo of the location you have left it. Please mention this site in the note. You can choose to remain anonymous or not. We will upload the photo to this blog and see if anyone gets in touch. Let’s start a chain of unexpected giving.