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Q. What is this? What does it involve?

A. This is a site to encourage people to share things with strangers (aka whimsybombing). All you have to do to get involved is make a small gift such as a mix cd, write a note on it and leave it somewhere that someone will find it. If you want, you could photograph the note or cover that you made and send it in to us then we will publish it online at this blog.


Q. Isn’t it illegal to pirate music?

A. Yes. We don’t want to get ourselves or anyone else in trouble so please check your local laws concerning the making of mix cds /tapes etc. If you know any unsigned bands who are happy to let you use their music then do that.


Q. Does it have to be a mix cd?

A. No, feel free to get creative. As long as it is small and portable then go for it.


Q. Are there any restrictions as to the type of music?

A. No. The one golden rule that we have is that you should not distribute anything that is homophobic, racist, sexist or   otherwise inflammatory.


Q. How do I get in touch?

A. Submit photos and stories of your whimsybombing to:


Also we have a Twitter account: